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Why settle for a frog who only sings Michigan rags—and only when no one else is around to see?

That’s the question posed on Thunderbean’s site.

Ub Iwerks (  ) traded 25% of Walt Disney Producxtions for a few thousand dollars for $300.00 a week from Pat Powers ( ).

Like many at the time Powers thought the secret to Walt Disney’s success was animator Iwerks.

Animators at their best are pencils used by producers and directors.

This is the mistake genuinely creative people make when they become animators.

Walt Disney had what almost everyone else lacked: vision.

Iwerks returned to the Disney Studio in 1940.

Nonetheless, the films he produced are vastly interesting as well as great fun to watch.

Thunderbean has already released the Willie Whopper series on Blu-ray (  ).

They are preparing a Blu-ray release of Iwerks Comicolor series ( ) .

These offerings have been long in the making because Thunderbean is a small company run by people clearly in love with the medium who are determined to preserve these works at the berst possible level.

I doubt Willie Whopper and Flip The Frog looked this great on first release.

Order both sets and pre-order the Comicolor series. Order everything they have produced and are producing.

Why? Because you’ll flip for them.

My copies of FLIP (I ordered two) arrived today.

I flipped out when I watched Flip.

Just wonderful.

–Reg Hartt 2023–12–04.


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