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Got this. it’s a wonderful 2D to 3D conversion that knocks the ball out of the park.

Stay tuned for upcoming 2D to 3D conversions.

The exterior house in HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL is Frank Lloyd Wright’s ENNIS HOUSE. There is a superb 3D film devoted to it:  ,

CARNIVAL OF SOULS 2D–3D conversion:

–Reg Hartt

Welcome to The House on Haunted Hill 4D!

AIPOP-3D is proud to announce a stunning Limited Edition 3D Blu-ray Disc project, the newly converted “House on Haunted Hill 3D” featuring Vincent Price in an amazing horror classic from 1959. Now with added “EMERGO-4D” Technology!

The 1959 film “House on Haunted Hill” is a classic horror movie directed by William Castle and starring Vincent Price. Set in a sinister mansion, the film follows an eccentric millionaire named Frederick Loren, who invites five strangers to spend the night in the haunted house with the promise of a “large” sum of money if they survive until morning. As the night unfolds, the guests encounter a series of chilling and supernatural occurrences, including ghostly apparitions, secret passages, and mysterious deaths.

With its atmospheric setting, suspenseful plot twists, and Price’s captivating performance, “House on Haunted Hill” has become a beloved cult favourite and a significant contribution to the horror genre.

“House on Haunted Hill”  has now been remastered to 3D for the first time, bringing a new dimension of horror that William Castle would be proud of!

Released in a LIMITED EDITION run this double disc blu-ray set of an absolute classic should not be missed!

This AIPOP-3D Conversion is produced, manufactured and distributed in the United States of America.

STRETCH GOAL #1 – £12,000

Yes you saw right. Not just 1, not just 2, but 3 amazing additions in one stretch goal – plus the world’s first 4D Blu-ray!


Firstly we’re delivering the world’s first 4D Blu-ray with EMERGO-4D! Going beyond the limitations of stereoscopic 3D AIPOP-3D brings their take on William Castle’s classic out-of-screen experience to your own home! Using our EMERGO-4D Activator Card and your tablet or cell phone experience the thrills as EMERGO-4D flies a skeleton right into your home!


Join Andrew, Alex & Phil as they discuss the complexities of this conversion as well as  thoughts on the film, William Castle, Vincent Price and where-ever else the chat may take them as they meander through the “House on Haunted Hill”.


Using the 3D converted film footage and all newly animated 3D text, a brand new recreated version of the original trailer aims to deliver the optimal 3D results.

STRETCH GOAL #2 – £15,000

Yes it’s another 3-for-1 special!


Apart from the standard House on Haunted Hill Trailer a separate animated text and Vincent Price voiceover trailer promoting EMERGO was originally shown in theatres. For this stretch goal we’ll recreate  this trailer in 3D and glorious 1080p resolution.

2. Custom Glasses Wrap with EMERGO-4D Activation Test

As opposed to boring old standard 3D glasses we will create a custom branded, double sided glasses wrap, with the inside featuring a test activation panel where you can try out our EMERGO-4D Technology completely separate from watching the film.

3. Meet The Convertor

Although some of you may have seen our chat during the livestream join us again for an edited version of Alex and Andrew chatting about the conversion as well as all things 3D… in glorious full colour 3D!


The 3D Blu-ray is released as a “MAXIMUM COMPATIBILTY BLU-RAY DISC“, meaning this disc will play back on 2D systems in 2D, on modern 3D systems as Digital Stereoscopic 3D (frame-packed) AND ALSO includes a Red Blue Anaglyph Version on the disc for viewers who want the 3D but don’t have suitable hardware. We even supply a pair of Red Blue 3D glasses to make sure you get the most out of the package!

So to summarize our “MAXIMUM COMPATIBILTY BLU-RAY DISC” Plays:

  • 2D: On Standard TVs
  • 3D Digital (Frame Packed): On Digital 3D TVs
  • 3D Anaglyph (Red Blue): On Standard TVs


  • This Disc will be Region Free.
  • This Disc will be shipped in a US Style 11mm Blu-ray Case
  • This Disc is a “proper” frame packed 3D Blu-ray
  • This will be released on a duplicated BDR disc which may not be supported by your particular player.

IMPORTANT: Prior to supporting this Kickstarter please check & confirm your player is compatible with BDR Discs.


House on Haunted Hill 3D is just the second release on our specialist AIPOP-3D Label which focuses on providing Indie 3D Conversions of classic films using the ever evolving conversion technologies as they come to market.

As far as we are aware this is the only 3D Blu-ray label producing 3D Blu-ray discs of this type in the world – using multiple contemporary technologies to assist in the production from initial conversion to the packaging of the product.

Previously 2D to 3D conversions were typically out of the budget for small indie producers like us, with figures ranging from anywhere between $250,000 to $20,000,000 having been discussed in the media. However with the new tools and advancing digital video technologies it’s now possible to convert 2D Films to 3D for a fraction of that budget.

Cheaper auto-conversions have been available for some time, but these tended to be very poor, often with the 2D image simply pushed back inside the screen or very strange warping of the image.  3D TVs typically offered an auto-convert option but these were equally haphazard with depth being mistaken and generally odd results, although now and then you did get a shot that kind of worked.

There are no doubt going to be a fair number of homebrew style 3D conversions coming out as the technology advances, but it’s our aim for AIPOP-3D to set the benchmark standard for good quality, technology assisted conversions. We will not put out “one-click” auto-conversions or 3D content that doesn’t meet stringent quality standards.

We want AIPOP-3D to be a stamp of quality assurance.


We are thrilled to offer this special 3D edition to our Kickstarter audience. Our project offers 3D fans the opportunity to get their hands on a digital download or physical 3D Blu-ray, or if you’re after a massive 3D boost you can grab our “Double POP” that included Nightmare Castle 3D.

Of course this isn’t only for 3D enthusiasts, fans of classic horror and Vincent Price will hopefully really enjoy seeing this superb film in a new light, with that added dimension of terror!

We are confident that horror fans around the world will be thrilled to experience “House on Haunted Hill” in 3D on Blu-ray. Join us in bringing this fun classic back to life and help us make this release a reality by backing our Kickstarter project today

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