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“A new one already?! Yes, a mere three months after the second volume, we have Looney Tunes Collector’s Choice Vol. 3, and it’s another winner for the Warner Archive Collection,” writes Thad Komorowksi. He’s right, a thousand times right. Every word he writes here is right on the mark: 

The reason for this quick succession in releases is because Warner Archive knows it has a DEPENDABLE market base they can build with who love these films. I am but one AMONG THE MANY.

There is another market base which however Warner Archive is ignoring.

This market base has a stronger tie-in with Thad Komorowski than does even the animation community.

We have been witness not only to Thad’s critical prowess we are also witness to his technical prowess.

This community I am speaking of is THE 3D COMMUNITY and, in particular the work of Robert Furmanek and the crew at THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE one of whose technical wizards is Thad.

Bob Furmanek has, with the assistance first and foremost of KINO LORBER and now others, established a ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION which passionately supports his work because everyone involved shares a common passion for seeing these works at their best.


The name of THE 3-D FILM ARCHIVE on a product has a real value in the market place.  It is a solid plus.

I am writing this not to deaf ears but to ears which I know are listening. Those ears belong to one man who has made a difference. He continues to make a difference.

That man is George  Feltenstein.

George, we all know that 3D movies in 2D are nothing to get excited about.

But restore them to 3-D and we have something alive in today’s market in a way few restorations are. The thing with 3’D is all the Warner Archive titles are hot. So are the ones at Sony. C’mon, a WILLIAM CASTLE 3-D film has a huge market value and there are three of them: FORT TI, JESSE JAMES VS. THE DALTONS, DRUMS OF TAHITI. 3-D is the greatest gimmick the Master of Gimmicks gimmicked with. He was too good a showman not to make a a good movie.

What does Warner Archive have?

Well, for starters they have a slew of titles those of us who bought the past releases of THE  3-D FILM ARCHIVE want very much. There is not one questionable title in the lot.

I mean who but Bob Furmanek would have had faith in DRAGONFLY SQUADRON, the first title the Archive released. It is now out of print. It’s getting a new restoration and a new release from Bayview, the people who brought us the loooonnnggg overdue ROBOT MONSTER.

To extend that market the ARCHIVE is now producing high quality anaglyph (red and blue) versions that actually work.

Like 3-D itself we are much under valued, much maligned but we bring a dimension to the market that is as experiencing Monument Valley in 3-D (TAZA, SON OF COCHISE),

Warner Archive has already kicked up its heels with superb restorations of HOUSE OF WAX, DIAL M FOR MURDER and KISS ME KATE.

Waiting in the wings is so much more.

To borrow a phrase from David Copperfield, “Please, can we have more?

A lot of us are asking for more:

Here are some of the exciting titles in the wings waiting for their moment to shine.

Thanks to the work of Robert Furmanek I believe half of the 1950s titles are now alive in the market proving their value daily.

The public has always loved 3-D movies.

Thank you for listening.

George, this has been and continues to be a hard MAZE to get through but keep on knocking.

Warner Archive 3D releases will knock the ball out of the park.

It’s not a DANGEROUS MISSION to give 3-D a SECOND CHANCE in the ARENA. The alternative is to let a MOONLIGHTER trap us in DEVIL’S CANYON where we will need a BOUNTY HUNTER to CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER to save us from THE PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE. If I could find a way to work in LOUISIANA TERRITORY and cross THE FRENCH LINE I would.

Thad K. is doing a wonderful as are Greg Kintz, Jack Theakston, Hillary Hess and Robert Furmanek.

Their collaboration on a project is a wise investment.

Excelsior.–Reg Hartt

P.S. Sony Archive, please can we have some too.

Meanwhile Mike Ballew, another 3-D FILM ARCHIVE WIZARD. has a book coming out. Read about it here:

Coming Soon! Mike Ballew’s New Book:

Close Enough to Touch: 3-D Comes to Hollywood

A richly detailed history of stereoscopic 3-D movies in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States from 1950 to 1975, fully annotated with rare documents sourced from the 3-D Film Archive LLC and from archives, universities, historical societies, and individual collectors in North America and Europe—illustrated with vintage photos and promotional materials by the dozen, many never before seen!

SECTION I tells the story of Golden Age 3-D movies and the people behind them, including:

  • John Norling and J.T. Rule
  • Raymond Spottiswoode, Norman MacLaren, the Telekinema, and Stereo-Techniques Ltd
  • Milton Gunzburg, Friend Baker, Lothrop Worth, and the complete story of Natural Vision
  • Arch Oboler, Lt. Col. Robert V. Bernier, and the optical marvel of Space-Vision
  • The Motion Picture Research Council, Dr. Armin J. Hill, and “three thousand inventors”

…and many more, some you never heard of in your life!

SECTION II unpacks the technical data on Golden Age 3-D, with chapters covering:

  • Camera Rigs—describing 30+ known 3-D camera systems, some only recently rediscovered!
  • Transmission Systems—giving an easily digestible view of the mathematics behind Golden Age 3-D!
  • Dual-Strip Projection—how the projectionists of 1953 harnessed twin projectors for 3-D!
  • Single-Strip Projection—how mad geniuses learned to put 3-D on one reel of film!
  • The Vectograph—how Polaroid and Technicolor joined forces in 1954 to bring a new technology to the screen!
  • Animation—with production details never before revealed and key insights from respected animation historians!
Mike told me that due to my research he’s taking a BIG look at 3-D films in the silent era. It is a book to look forward. We can count on Mike to bring depth to the subject.–Reg Hartt




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