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The moment in Ava DuVernay’s WHEN THEY SEE US when Korey Wise’s mother visiting him in prison and tells him to bless them that curse him is what separates the path Jesus walks from all other paths:  .

God knows it is not easy to bless them that hate us but if we don’t do it we become them.

Reg Hartt know this from deep personal experience. For decades he has been the focus of a campaign of hate designed to bring violence upon him:  .

“I was offered a lot of money to kill you. The thing is, if I have been offered this others have,” a homeless man he had helped told him just before Christmas 2017.

Like the boys in this film Reg Hartt sat through a police interrogation.

“Have you heard the saying, ‘He who harms one of these little ones…” Hartt was asked.

Before the officer could finish the sentence Hartt said, “‘Better a millstone was tied around his neck and he was cast in the sea. Though your sins be scarlet they shall be white as snow.'” (Isaiah 1:18).

“I don’t accept that,” said the officer interrogating him.

WHEN THEY SEE US is a powerhouse testimony of TRUTH.

Many think the wheels of injustice grind only the poor, the colored.

They don’t.

They grind all of us when they get us in their maul.

One of the first things Hartt said during his interrogation was, “All things work to the good to those who trust THE LORD.” (ROMANS 8:18–

I wonder if Joseph said that when his brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt.

I watched WHEN THEY SEE US riveted to the screen.

It was the moment when Kory Wise’s mother visiting him in prison said to him, “You’ve got to give thanks for all things, the good and the bad,” that made this film and their experience a part of Reg Hartt’s life.

Hartt has learned to give thanks for the good and the bad.

That thanks must of necessity include the moment wqe are now passing through.

While you are locked down watch WHEN THEY SEE US.

When Jesus said, “He who harms one of these little ones better a millstone was tied around his neck and he be cast into the sea,” he meant he who causes one of these little ones to lose their faith.

These five little ones did not lose their faith.

God bless them all. God bless all the people who made this film. God bless the people who put them into the furnace. Like Daniel they walked out whole.

WHEN THEY SEE US is the most redemptive motion picture I have seen.


Reg Hartt, a Minto, Chipman New Brunswick  native son, former TELEGRAPH JOURNAL delivery boy, is ranked among the fifty greatest male orators of all time.

A publication ban prevents me from saying more about the fires I am passing through. The media said a lot of things about the boys this film deals with. Damned little of it was true.


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