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Last week I received the new 3D Blu-ray of Paramount’s 1954 film JIVARO. Though magnificently filmed in 3D this film was given only a 2D release because it was felt (wrongly) that the 3D film market had gone flat.

2D movies in the old aspect ratio are described as flat pictures in the industry as against “scope” for Cinemascope releases. In the dear long gone days of 16mm I had a Cinemascope lens which enabled me to show scope films in their proper ratio.

3D motion pictures are anything but flat.

3D motion pictures have an unconscious emotional weight that 2D motion pictures completely lack.

Not only that, contrary to conventional wisdom, properly aligned 3D movies are easy on the eyes.

Our eyes see in 3D every moment of the day except for those moments when we watch 2D movies. These bring on a strain that causes brain fatigue.

This was shown to me dramatically Thursday night when a couple of doctors from Edmonton, Alberta  came by The Cineforum. They did not care what was on the screen. The program Thursday was the Leni Riefenstahl film VICTORY THROUGH FAITH, the film of Hitler’s 1933 Nuremberg rally plus HITLER GIVES A CITY TO THE JEWS.

Half way through I left because I kept falling asleep.

We talked afterwards. I learned that the flyer that had brought them here was this one. I said, “Oh, do you want to see something in 3D? I have the best 3D set-up in Canada installed here.”

One fellow said, “No, 3D turns me off.”

I said, “That’s because you are not seeing true 3D. You’re seeing what Bob Furmanek of the 3D Film Archive calls 2.5 3D. Let me show you.”

The other fellow said, “Well, you did say you have the best 3D system in Canada here.”

I got out 3D Rarities and, because the flyer featured THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON that.

I first showed them MOTOR RHYTHM from 3D Rarities.

Both men said, “Wow! That is so clear. That really is 3D!”

The interesting thing for myself was that I suddenly went from drowsiness to fully wide awake. I have observed this many, many times when watch 3D movies on the big screen here.

After MOTOR RHYTHM I showed them a few minutes of THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON in 3D.

Again they were wowed by the picture quality. More importantly each man said, “These are the first true 3D movies I have ever seen. I got tired of modern 3D movies. Where’s the 3D?”

If interest is falling off for 3D Movies the fault lies not with the 3D. It lies with the fact that 3D in contemporary film really is not 3D. As Bob Furmanek states, “What we are seeing is 2.5 3D.

The problem is that the theorists feel that off screen 3D takes the viewer out of the movie.

With James Cameron’s AVATAR, the film that more than any other brought in the 3D boom we’ve been watch peter out, off screen 3D was kept to a minimum.

It’s been that way ever since. Off screen 3D is looked at as in bad taste by 3D experts.

BWANA DEVIL brought in the brief 3D boom of the 1950s. The ads promised a lion in our laps. 3D Theorists think such promises are in bad taste. We need more bad taste in our contemporary 3D movies. We also need a 3D Blu-ray release of this historically important motion picture. Why haven’t we got it?

“It is good taste not bad taste which is the enemy,” said Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso. I’m with them.

JIVARO (1954) is a well made movie. I have watched it several times (once with the excellent commentary). Each time I have seen something new in it. The restoration work done by THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE is up to their standard. That means I am seeing the film better that it would have been had it been released in 3D in the 1950s when it was made.

The big problem with 3D Movies in the 1950s was in projection in the theaters. That meant the use of two 35mm projectors. If one projector got out of sync that led to the headache people associate with the 3D movie experience. If the two images were not properly aligned that led to headaches as well.  If the light intensity was off on one projector that threw things off.

With Digital 3D only one projector is required (I am using Optoma 3D projectors here). All issues with alignment have been taken care of by the 3D Film Archive team. Not only that the image (and faded color) has been corrected.

These films literally have never looked so good.

3D TELEVISION died when it should not have. Part of the reason was a dearth of 3D movies.

Today there is an abundance of 3D movies.

3D is a feature which ought to and should be re-introduced in television sets.

As was dramatically demonstrated Thursday night when people see True 3D on a big screen they get excited.

It’s time that excitement came to current 3D film making. It’s time the 3D professors got shown the door.

Thanks to the work of THE 3D Film Archive a big chunk of Hollywood’s 3D History is back with the promise of much more to come. Twilight Time as well did a great job with their limited edition 3D releases.

I wish Warner Home Video would unlock their 3D Vault.

Here’s a big thank you to THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE and to Kino Lorber for bring me JIVARO in 3D.

If you can’t see 3D at home drop by The Cineforum Saturdays starting April 13 at 5pm.

Toronto is long overdue for a showcase of 3D Cinema.

Discover for yourself how great True 3D is.

I love watching 3D movies.

In 2012 I filmed with my Song Bloggie 3D cameras an outlaw performance of the now world renowned figure skating company LE PATIN LIBRE (   )  on a rink down the street late at night when the security guards had done home. It is part of my April program. By the way LE PATIN LIBRE was born here. When we got home (when in Toronto they live in The Cineforum) they said, “Wow! That’s the first time we have been filmed right! The 3D makes it look live!”

When Toronto Legend Steve Leckie performed with his new VILETONES at Toronto’ Phoenix Concert Theater I filmed that with my new Sony HDR TD10 3D camera which can use available light. When Steve saw it he said, “I had no idea it would be this good!” . I am offering that in April as well.

My friend Petunia did an awesome show at REMIX in Toronto. I filmed that in 3D as well. It, too, is part of my April program. I also filmed in 3D Petunia’s programs at The Monarch Tavern and The Burdock. They’ll be coming up. .

Andre Skinner is another Cineforum alumnus. His new band SLOW DEATH LIGHTS was filmed by me in 3D: . That, too, is something to look forward to.

In the beginning the movies were called bastard theater.

No one went to them but working class people. The working class went in the millions. Over 65% of the population went to the movies on a regular basis.

In time educated folks started going to the movies. From that moment on working class folks began to have better things to do with their time. Today less than 10% of the population go to the movies on a regular basis.

Today 3D movies are generally looked down upon by film critics.

But then the new is almost always despised.

Does the public still love 3D movies?

Yes, it does when they are done right.

JIVARO was done exceptionally right.

–Reg Hartt 4/6/2019.

P.S. I have a huge library of field sequential 3D dvds. I am using an excellent program called 3D Combine to convert them to Blu-ray so I can show them with my projector. I am having wild success with it.


 Thanks to 3D Combine I have been able to convert my FS 3D dvd of ROTWEILER (DOGS FROM HELL) to 3D Blu-ray. I look forward to unleashing it’s fury at The Cineforum:







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