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“Have you had a problem with rats?” a neighbor asked.

“Yes,” I replied adding, “Never had one before but this winter, yes. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Finally bought an electric rat trap. Caught five of them so far.”

“You know we have few feral cats around here anymore. They were neutered so the population would die off naturally.”

“That was smart. Feral cats are vital for keeping rats under control.”

“Yes, but a lot of people don’t like feral cats.”

“That’s true however no one likes rats not even those people. We need to get our feral cat population back yo otherwise there will be an epidemic of rats.”

“Yes, but the city does not approve of feral cats.”

“Well, the city does not approve of rat infestations either. We need our feral cats.”

–Reg Hartt 2019–06–13.’s%20war%20on%20feral%20cats&f=false






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