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We have never met and, to your loss, we are not likely to.

You have done and are doing great work bringing Warner owned motion pictures to dvd and Blu-ray but there is one area in which you fall short.

That one are is with Warner’s wonderful library of 1950s 3D Motion Pictures.

Right now at this present moment there exists a wonderful group of people working under the banner THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE. They are led by Bob Furmanek.

Through their efforts (and at an extraordinary low cost) many 3D motion pictures have been restored so well they look better now than they did when first release.

I understand that working inhouse Warners believes it must spend over $350,000.00 to restore each 3D title in your excellent library.

Well, with a cost as high as that I can’t expect you to endorse spending the money. I can’t see the studio making it back.

But here’s the catch. THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE does extraordinary work that costs only around $20,000.00 per title.

Don’t believe extraordinary work can be done for so little?

Well, you are not alone. That belief that for something to have value it must be expensive has long been a problem in the industry.

Tain’t true, McGee.

The proof is in the pudding.

All Warners needs to do is to taste the pudding. Here is the site of THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE:

If you want to see extraordinary look at the work they did on GOG.

There is a saying: mediocre people dream of doing extraordinary things that will make them famous while extraordinary people do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE is composed of extraordinary people who do things extraordinarily well.

I love the work Warners did on HOUSE OF WAX and KISS ME KATE. Both are wonderful films that make great use of 3D.

However I am hoping to one day see the remaining titles in your 3D library restored to Blu-ray.

THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE has done and is doing restorative work that has been praised by New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Martin Scorsese and all of us who have purchased their work.

Some of us, myself included, have chipped in funds to help them do that work when those funds were needed.

Please do Warners, the art and history of the motion picture and film lovers world wide a great service.

Please make use of the extraordinarily valuable asset that is the 3D Film Archive.

I want to see, as I am certain you do as well, THE PHANTOM OF THE RUE MORGUE, THE CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER, ARENA, SECOND CHANCE, THE BOUNTY HUNTER, Bugs Bunny in LUMBERJACK RABBIT, Popeye in THE ACE OF SPACE, and the rest of Warner’s great 3D library in restored 3D for the ages.

As for working with no budget I came to Toronto in the mid 1960s with nothing but myself.

You won’t find me speaking at TIFF (The Toronto International Film Festival). Nor will you find local film academics and buffs at my programs.

But when she was with us you would find the author of THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES at my programs. She said to me over a few beers in her home, “The best part of what you offer is what you have to say.”

She is not alone in that opinion.

I know from personal experience the miracles that can be worked with little or no budget.

That too is part of the extraordinary history of the movies. The Warner Brothers built their studio from nothing to something by always being willing to risk and by always making use of the best people they could find.

THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE are the best for 3D motion picture restoration. You will be following in the path Jack Warner walked when you invite them to restore Warner’s wonderful 3D archive.

Thank you.–Reg Hartt.



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