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When I first read this poem in the 1990s I used to fly into rages after midnight when drinking. I had been through Hell. The rage I had/have was justifiable. Nonetheless I harmed me more than those I raged at as rage always does to the rager. A friend whom I met at my programs gave me a book of poems by Rumi. When I read this I recognized at once its truth. I did not want to stop drinking. I continued that. But after that when the hidden anger rose I told it to take a seat. After awhile I found that the anger, tired of waiting to be let loose, just simply stopped rising. I guess it went search of someone else who would listen to it. God’s grace I have not been visited by that hidden anger for over thirty years (though now that I have mentioned it he will try to sneak back in. I’ll have to keep an eye out for him). I do like my wine.–Reg Hartt

P.S. After midnight we go into a dream state which leaves us open to suggestion. For this reason Adolf Hitler never spoke publicly before he came to power until after midnight.

Do not watch any after midnight sales programs on TV. The people who make those things know how vulnerable we are to suggestion after midnight.

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