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In A MILLION AND ONE NIGHTS (1925) Terry Ramsaye wrote the audience for the movies is between 11 to 30, primarily between 14 to 24 and primarily female.

The only part of that that has changed is that today’s movie audience is primarily male, the decision being made in the 1970s to go after young boys. That put the kibosh on girls, women and men which is why we have seen declining attendance.

Are movie theaters dead? Of course not.

The death of the movies has been projected since television sets first entered homes. The people between 11 to 30, primarily 14 to 24, live to go out. When this pandemic passes they will be going back to the movies.

Folks need to stay calm. Surrendering to herd intoxication and the panic fueled by the media is not the answer.

Claude Hopkins, the father of advertising, said that people with a college and/or university education should not be used to write copy for the masses.

I know what he meant.

Newspaper circulation is down. People just are not reading them.

Probably for the same reason movie attendance is down.

Got nothing to say to grown-ups.

–Reg Hartt

“Film students should stay as far away from film schools and film teachers as possible. The only school for the cinema is the cinema. The best cinema is the Paris Cinematheque. The best teacher is Henri Langlois.”–Bernardo Bertolucci.

Silent films, starting with THE BIRTH OF A NATION (1915) were shown in 5,000 seat theaters at $2 a seat (over $50 a seat today) with orchestras of up to 200 pieces plus chorus, solo voice and sound effects. Once the movies began to speak they began to lose their audience. In the silent period over 65% of the population went to the movies on a regular basis. Today that figure is less than 15%.


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