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When I showed FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN in the 1970s at Toronto’s Rochdale College (the most advanced experiment in alternate education ever. The government allowed within its walls the use of hashish, LSD, marijuana, mescaline and peyote so right away you get the frame of mind of the audience) I hung a huge sheet of white background paper over my screen behind which I hid a very tall friend dressed up as the Frankenstein monster.

I spliced a strip of black leader into0 the film during the battle between the monster and the Wolfman. I then froze the black leader which caused it to burst into flames at which point my friend as the monster tore through while I, dressed as the Wolfman, came in from the left.

We duked it out.

More than a few folk lost control of their bladders and bowels. Most did not know if it was real or the effect of the hashish, LSD, marijuana, mescaline or psilocybin they had taken before coming to the movie.

It could only happen then and only at Rochdale.

Rochdale College will never happen again.

Thankfully I was there for the magic of that wonderful moment.

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