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For a year from towards the end of 1968 to the end of 1969 I lived in Ottawa, Ontario where I did screenings at THE LE HIBOU COFFEE HOUSE  ,    .

One night Taj Mahal played.

After his first set I said to him. “Your music is what I hear on acid.”

For the rest of the night when he was not performing he talked with me.

It was a wonderful night.

One day browsing in a used book store I bought a book on the occult.

“If you are interested in that there is a group meeting tonight you should check out,” said the woman to whom I gave my money.

That night I dropped a hit of acid. Then I walked over to the address I had been given taking a seat at the back.

The place filled up with about a hundred or more people.

A woman introduced herself as Dr. Winifred Barton. She said she had an ancient Atlantean spirit guide who had dictated several books through her. She pointed to some books.

As she spoke I looked around the room at the people sitting there. When a man on my right wearing a red plaid shirt and sitting by the exit door felt my eye on him he faded from view. “That’s interesting,” I said to myself. Keeping an eye on that spot I saw him two more times before the intermission.

At that point I introduced myself to the woman who had been speaking. I told her what I had seen.

She said, “Wait here.” Then she left the room to return with a photograph. She asked, “Was this the man?”

I said, “Yes.”

She said, “That’s the caretaker. He died yesterday. Where you saw him was his favorite place to sit during our meetings. Would you like to talk to the group after the break?”

The first part did not shock me. It was information. What shocked me was her invitation to speak. How many people turn over their podium?

I spoke for about an hour.

When I finished the place was wildly enthusiastic. I was invited to hang out. I did.

I learned a lot about extra sensory perception, saw auras and had out of body experiences.

It was, to say the least, an interesting year. The lessons I learned there have since stood me well.

–Reg Hartt



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