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Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali: “It is good taste not bad taste which is the enemy.”

Larry Flynt  may have epitomized bad taste but the freedom he fought for and won enriched all of us.

We tend to forget the oyster makes the pearl out of that which causes it grief. The covering up does not stop the irritation. That’s how pearls get made. They fail at what they do for the oyster while at the same time becoming something of great value in our eyes.

HUSTLER magazine and Larry Flynt irritated a great many.

A professional woman says her biggest clients are orthodox men who come to her for what their wives won’t give them. When what we believe makes us liars we believe in the wrong things.I am not faulting the women, nor the men for all that.

The victory he won protects everyone.

His life mattered.–Reg Hartt

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