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Brand Flicker Alley
Format Blu-ray
Region ABC
Director Arthur D. Hotaling, Will Louis, Charles Parrott, Larry Semon, Gilbert M. Anderson, George Jeske, Ralph Cedar
Featuring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
Composers Serge Bromberg, Andrew Simpson, Ben Model, Neil Brand, Donald Sosin, Phil Carli, Eric Le Guen, Antonio Coppola
Year 1914-1926
Language English Intertitles
Length590 Mins.




Laurel or Hardy: Early Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy traces the roots of the legendary comedy duo by offering fans a two-disc set of 35 newly restored films starring either Stan Laurel or Oliver Hardy—all produced before the two genius talents ever joined forces.

Laurel and Hardy became cinematic legends together, but before they were ever hauling pianos or throwing pies as a hilarious and unforgettable comedic duo, each had to develop as an individual artist and performer. Laurel or Hardy: Early Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, as proudly presented by Flicker Alley, the Library of Congress, and Blackhawk Films®, offers fans new and old the rare opportunity to track the early solo careers of two comedy icons. Featuring all new 2K restorations sourced from materials contributed by archives and collectors around the world, this comprehensive 2-disc Blu-ray collection features 35 films and includes new scores from some of the best silent film composers working today.

Arthur Stanley Jefferson comes from the British vaudeville scene, and was at one time Chaplin’s understudy. Oliver Norvell Hardy, a comedian born on film, worked steadily for years in Hollywood and built his notoriety in over 300 roles. Although the two had different styles and came from distinct backgrounds, they followed similar creative paths, each marked with trials, errors, successes, and the occasional strokes of genius. Along the way, they made millions of people laugh, offering ample evidence of the incredible individual talents that would eventually merge together to create one of the greatest comedy duos in all of film history.

Stan Laurel Films:

Bears and Bad Men (1918); The Egg (1922); A Weak-End Party (1922); The Pest (1922); When Knights Were Cold (1923); The Handy Man (1923); Pick and Shovel (1923); Collars and Cuffs (1923); Gas and Air (1923); A Man About Town (1923); The Whole Truth (1923); Brothers Under the Chin (1924); Zeb Vs. Paprika (1924); Wide Open Spaces (1924); Detained (1924); Twins (1925); Pie-Eyed (1925)

Oliver Hardy Films:

Mother’s Baby Boy (1914); The Servant Girl’s Legacy (1914); An Expensive Visit (1915); A Lucky Strike (1915); The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford: The Lilac Splash (1915); The Serenade (1916); Hungry Hearts (1916); The Candy Trail (1916); The Chief Cook (1917); Hello Trouble (1918); Married to Order (1918); He’s In Again (1918); The Rent Collector (1921); The Bakery (1921); The Show (1922); Rivals (1925); Wandering Papas (1926); Say It With Babies (1926)



  • Image Gallery — Slideshow presentation featuring photographs from the Library of Congress collections.
  • Collector’s Edition Souvenir Booklet — Limited edition booklet with film notes from film historian Rob Stone, as well as notes on the restoration from Lobster Film’s Serge Bromberg.

WATCH A CLIP FROM Laurel or Hardy: Early Films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy:

These films are a delight. The restoration are superb with clean, clear sharp images. The pre-print wear and tear lends truth to the saying, “If I’d known I’d last this long I would have taken better care of myself.” We don’t and don’t.

What’s intriguing is watch actors like Larry Semon and Billy West who are the real stars of many of these films. Laurel or Hardy are supporting players.

Many of the gags would turn up in animated cartoons (a flattened hand for example). That doesn’t detract from the films. It just shows those animators had good teachers.

Anyone wishing to work in film comedy will be making a wise investment in this collection.

–Reg Hartt


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