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Told that it was good he was offering an alternative to the primitive methods of jungle witch doctors Albert Schweitzer, medical missionary to Africa, replied, “There is no difference between myself and them. We are both trying to convince our patient they have the power within themselves to withstand whatever the world can bring against them. If we can do that they will live. If we can’t they will die.”

THE I CHING, which I began studying in 1968, teaches we should take no medicine in an illness of external origin. It will pass.

I began using psychedelics in 1968. That they have immense value I will be the first to say. However when it comes to trauma we heal that not with psychedelics nor any other chemical or drug but with forgiveness. I speak as one who has passed through all of the emotional Hells life can bring on. If you want to do psychedelics, do them. Don’t look for an excuse to do them. If you want healing forgive. That is, I know, easier said than done. THE I CHING teaches the superior person forgives the conscious and unconscious misdeeds upon their person BEFORE they happen.

When I arrived in Toronto in the mid 1960s in my late teens an older man said to me, “I am psychic.” I laughed. He then said, “You are going to celebrate your 35th birthday in a psychiatric hospital after you lose someone very close to you. Don’t worry about it. When you come out you will become the richest man on earth.” I laughed.

On the eve of my 35th birthday my second youngest brother killed himself. Shortly after my family committed me to a psychiatric hospital against my will. I did everything possible to keep that prediction from coming true for if it did it meant I am not in control of my destiny and, for that matter, neither are you.

On my 35th birthday as I cut the cake my sister had brought in the psychiatrist in charge said to me, “Do you know what is wrong with you?” I replied, “Nothing. I am on time and on schedule.” I was then. I am now. So are you.

I was in that hospital for about two months. I was told it would take up to seven years for the effects of the drugs I had asked not to be given and had been told I would not be given to wear off. It took less time than I had been told but for a long time I walked around like Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster. Dorothy Dandridge turned to psychiatrists to help her deal with her traumas. She spent a fortune on them. At the end when a friend called her psychiatrist the friend was told, “Psychiatrists are not much good when you can’t pay your bills.” Save your money. The power is in you not in your psychiatrist. I don’t expect psychiatrists to like this. Had I listened to the ones I dealt with I’d be a walking carrot in that hospital.

At this moment right this second I am dealing with a man who for decades has done his wort to harm myself and others. This is not paranoia. Canada’s national newspaper, THE GLOBE AND MAIL, did a story on it: .

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Worse than the deeds of our enemies is the silence of our friends.” I know all too well the silence of friends.

In this world we must learn to be strong enough to be a friend to all while at the same time expecting betrayal from all. Not that all will betray us but rather that a very great many will.

Forgiveness is the answer. It is the only answer.

Jesus asked God to forgive us because we know not what we do. This is true. Most of us are completely clueless.

Fortunately not all are.

My sister is a retired nurse. In a hospital she saw a person going from patient to patient wearing the same pair of rubber gloves. She said to the person, “You change those gloves from patient to patient.” The person said, “I was told by my superiors not to.”

Penny wise. Pound foolish.

This is the moment we are in. It is the moment we have always been in.

Do not expect better.

Be grateful when you find better.

I was told by Jerzy Zaborski, a Tibetan Lama, that I am a Crazy-Wisdom-Yogin. If this is true it means I have a million more times more healing power than all the psychiatrists in the world as one. The only way to have this power is to give it freely. That means we do not charge a fee.–Reg Hartt, Crazy-Wisdom-Yogin.

The term “crazy wisdom” translates the Tibetan term drubnyon, a philosophy which “traditionally combines exceptional insight and impressive magical power with a flamboyant disregard for conventional behavior.”,power%20with%20a%20flamboyant%20disregard%20for%20conventional%20behavior.%22

–Reg Hartt

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