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Fortunately, with Jurassic Park, StereoD and Spielberg have delivered one of the sharpest and most satisfying 3D “legacy” titles to hit theaters. Unlike post-conversions on more recent movies (which are typically shot digitally), StereoD spent over a year converting Jurassic Park into 3D from the original 2D film stock – regularly meeting with Spielberg to show him work-in-progress and receive feedback. As mentioned, due to a high number of subpar releases, a lot of filmgoers assume that post-conversion 3D results in an inferior (and uncomfortable) viewing experience. However, quality post-conversion is a painstaking process (more on that in our 5 Biggest Misconceptions About 3D feature) and, thankfully, StereoD took their time with Jurassic Park 3D.

Last night I settled in to treat myself to JURASSIC PARK 3D on the big screen in The CineForum. All the thrills I felt first seeing this movie in 1993 came back three times over. Wow!

When Covid finally passes come by to enjoy the experience.

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