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Joe Biden signalled China that the United States has not the stomach to fight.

The most essential teaching of Sun Tzu’s ART OF WAR is that we not let ourselves be drawn into a protracted war which will deplete our forces.

Unfortunately a protracted war is just what the Military Industrial complex most desires.

China knows that whether America stands up for Taiwan or does not does not matter.

As it did in Korea, Vietnam and most recently Afghanistan America has shown itself to be a paper tiger.

All of her much vaunted might was brought to nothing by people armed with nothing but conviction.

The Communist Chinese have the stomach for the fight. They have the willingness to sacrifice lives for long term goals.

Asian thinking, like the thinking of the people indigenous to America, is long term thinking.

American and by extension Canadian thinking is not long term.

We are nations grown soft.

We are like Rome when Attila the Hun arrived at her gates demanding everything everyone possessed.

“What will that leave us?” asked Rome.

Attila replied, “Your lives.”

Rome did not defend its borders.

It hired others to do that.

Those others had no skin in the game.

When the wolf appeared they disappeared.

Then the wolf arrived at Rome’s door.

In her last book Jane Jacobs told us what is coming.

Many said she was an old lady not qualified to speak.

Time is showing that she was right.

Get ready now.–Reg Hartt


Jane Jacobs’ last book is a warning ignored about the mass dumbing down we now find ourselves mired in.


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