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I’ve been meaning to acquire THE CLASSIC FLIX restorations of THE LITTLE RASCALS For a long time. The discovery this week that Volume 1 is out of stock moved me to action. Luckily I was able to get Volume 1 on amazon Canada. I quickly ordered the rest of the series.

I have these in an earlier edition but this takes the cake and puts icing on it.

They are beautiful and even that word is short of the mark. The good news is that the silent films (the series began in 1922) are up for restoration as well.

I also ordered ZENOBIA (  ) which pairs Oliver Hardy with Harry Langdon.

I’ve helped  the Kickstarter restoration of ABBOTT AND COSTELLO CineColor “JACK AND THE BEANSTALK” : .When these limited editions go out of print they go WAY UP in price. Order your copy NOW. 

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