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I just watched a 1950s 3D motion picture titled THOSE REDHEADS FROM SEATTLE. It’s not the first time I saw it, not even the second. However it was far enough from the heat of the moment of first seeing the film that I saw it with new eyes, with much more appreciative eyes.

I started to look at a contemporary 3D film but after a few moments decided I wanted to see a picture in true 3D not the 2.5 D of the movies today.

From the start I was struck by how beautiful the film is. After a few moments I noticed how restful the image was on my eyes.

It’s easy for me to understand why Jack Warner and Paramount’s Adolph Zukor were so enthusiastic about 3D after years of watching flat 2D films.

The restoration on all the titles THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE has worked on is so great we are actually seeing the films better than people first saw them.

I’m excited about their new release 3-D RARITIES 2. More on that here:!/3-D-Rarities-Volume-II/p/170617337/category=20414531   .

–Reg Hartt



THOSE REDHEADS FRP< SEATTLE is another in the long list of great 1950s 3D films we can experience thanks to the work of The 3D Film Archive.

An infuriatingly excellent restoration from The 3D Film Archive.

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