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WHITE GOLD (1927) With Jetta Goudal. Directed by William K. Howard.

This is a terrific film which I first read about in my teens. It was long thought lost. In my 20s I bought a very poor 8mm of it.

The film is so powerful I would place it on a double bill with a film I knew people would want to see, always showing it first. Each time my audience was knocked out both by the picture and by Jetta Goudal.

For a long time Grapevine’s offering of this title looked like it came from that 8mm print.

It has now been wonderfully upgraded from the only surving copy, a 16mm print.

Accompanying the film is a great (and I mean GREAT) score created by Grapevine’s Jack Hardy.

This is a film that literally leaves me speechless by its relentless integrity.

Jack Hardy has done a great service by making this title available. Thank you.

I wish I could find better examples of the images below. The film deserves the best.



WHITE GOLD (1927) George Bancroft

White Gold, poster, US poster, from left: Kenneth Thomson, Jetta Goudal, 1927. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

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