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THE 3D FILM ARCHIVE can attest that people who value 3D motion pictures are a committed crew willing to put our money where our mouth is. We have not given up on 3D. The industry should not either.

Add 3D to this already powerful image and it becomes truly wonderful. That’s what 3D can and does do. 3D is worth fighting for.

Three exciting films coming to 3D Blu-ray in 2021. This medium, despite the naysayers, is not dead though it is having a difficult birth.







Please re-include 3D as a feature on your sets.

Like just about everyone who jumps on a bandwagon you lost faith.

I am here to ask you to re-find it.

I love 3D.

I am not alone. There are a host of people like me, some famous like Werner Herzog, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Brian May of Queen, many not who not only love 3D motion pictures but who also (and more importantly) put our money where our mouth is when it comes to helping in the restoration of these films.

We do not need all of you to restore 3D technology to your television sets.

We need only one of you.

That one will have won our unflinching support.

That will give you an edge over your competition.

3D motion pictures are an exciting medium which has been and continues to have a difficult birth.

When we have a difficult birth we do not give up. We do what must be done to make it happen.

There are many who have not given up on 3D. I am one of that many. Join me.

There are many un-restored good and great 3D motion pictures.

One manufacturer restoring 3D to their television sets has the power to open the door to help save these films in the format they were designed for.

–Reg Hartt


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