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Silent Madness

A criminally insane man is accidentally released from a mental hospital. The staff tries to cover it up, but a young psychiatrist travels to the college town where he committed several murders to warn the locals and anticipate his arrival.

3D Restoration by The 3D Film Archive: .

Vinegar Syndrome, in getting The3D Film Archive to do the 3D restoration of this film guarantees the film will look better than when originally seen. My copy having arrived today (and having previously seen this picture in field sequential 3D) I can affirm this is true.

This limited edition (6,000 copies) includes an anaglyph (red and blue glasses) version so that everyone who wants it can see it as its director intended.

The use of 3D dramatically throughout the picture is fine.

Get this now while you can at the lowest price possible as once this goes out of print the price will skyrocket.

If VINEGAR SYNDROME can release this obscure title the folks sitting on as yet unrestored better known 1950s 3D films (BWANA DEVIL–the one that started the boom, I, THE JURY, HONDO, ROBOT MONSTER, CAT WOMEN FROM THE MOON and others  including att the titles owned by Warner Media) would be smart to follow their lead.

The 3D community is large and growing.

There is a demand and interest for these movies in 3D.

There is not a demand for them in 2D.

Take advantage of the excellent work the 3D Film Archive does at such a remarkably low price.

Ensure that your heirs inherit something worth inheriting.

There are a large number of theatres around the world (FILM FORUM in New York is but one:   .) that will exhibit your picture BECAUSE it is in 3D. It’s a smart and a wise investment  that guarantees your film has a future.–Reg Hartt


Wonderfully photographed by Gerald Fell.

“SILENT MADNESS” 3D Blu-ray is part of Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday lineup

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