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Erich Von Stroheim reading the script for THE LADY AND THE MONSTER (1944). Had he written and directed it it would have been something.

My copy of THE REPUBLIC STUDIOS HORROR COLLECTION Blu-ray arrived today.

I bought it for one film, THE LADY AND THE MONSTER (1944) which is the first film version of Curt Siodmak’s novel DONOVAN’S BRAIN.

I have the film on bootleg DVD. This Blu-ray is a terrific improvement.

DONOVAN’S BRAIN has been filmed three times. Each version is good though none lives up to or surpasses the novel.

Siodmak wrote many of the best Universal horror films of the 1940s (THE WOLFMAN, FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN to name just two). He certainly knew his craft.

I read DONOVAN’S BRAIN in my teens.

From the commentary I learned I am with several million others.

The commentary leaves a lot to be desired. Stephen Bissette is joined by G. Michael Dobbs who makes a mess of his chronology of the films of Erich Von Stroheim in an effort to appear hip.

Rupert Julian took over direction MERRY GO ROUND

The original cut of GREED was not 6 but 9 hours.

THE MERRY WIDOW was produced on time, on budget and, like all of Stroheim’s films, a big success.

The sidebar on LADY AND THE MONSTER offers On-Camera with Tim Lucas and  Steven Bissette which would have been better as just the voices as I have never seen two paler white men. Don’t these guys go out of their dens? The notes spell Stephen Steven. The error is not mine.

This, however, is a small quibble.

We learn Ralston had to speak her lines phonetically because she couldn’t speak English. She carries herself very well. I would not know it if I had not been told. Pros Von Stroheim and Richard Arlen ably support her.

This was an “A” budget film for Republic. The careful attention to detail is great.

If you have not seen this you have something to look forward to. If you have only seen it in the bootleg versions, you have a treat coming.

Attached are some of the ads featured in Trade publications.

I may speak of the other titles after I have seen them. This is one to enjoy. I did.

Looked at the rest. All are great fun.–Reg Hartt

Republic Pictures Horror Collection [The Lady and the Monster / The Phantom Speaks / The Catman of Paris / Valley of the Zombies] (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 05/21/2024
Release Year : 1944-1946
Running Time : 275
UPC : 738329266523
Country : U.S.
Language: English

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$39.87 (Blu-ray)

MSRP: $59.95

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These four acclaimed chillers from Republic Pictures are guaranteed to put a tingle down your spine and a smile on your face! THE LADY AND THE MONSTER (1944) – Erich von Stroheim plays a mad scientist bent on keeping the brain of millionaire William Donovan alive after he removes it from Donovan’s dying body. His assistant (Richard Arlen) serves as host for Donovan’s brain impulses; the lady of the title (Vera Ralston) fights against the monstrous experiment. THE PHANTOM SPEAKS (1945) – The vengeful spirit of an executed murderer (Tom Powers) enters the body of a physician (Stanley Ridges), and forces him to do its bidding—namely, murder. A newspaperman (Richard Arlen) must unravel the bloody supernatural secret before it’s too late. THE CATMAN OF PARIS (1946) – After a mysterious cat-like creature slaughters people close to him, Parisian Charles Regnier (Carl Esmond) is suspected of murder. Charles fears that he is the beast, but his paramour Marie (Lenore Aubert) and best friend Henry (Douglass Dumbrille) believe he’s innocent…until the Catman begins to stalk Marie! VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES (1946) – Long-dead madman Ormand Murks (Ian Keith) once believed that endless blood transfusions would make him immortal. Now resurrected via voodoo, he stalks the city for human blood. A woman (Adrian Booth) falls under Ormand’s hypnotic, vampiric spell.

Product Extras :

  • HD Masters by Paramount Pictures – From 4K Scans
  • NEW Audio Commentary for THE LADY AND THE MONSTER by Film Historian Stephen Bissette
  • Audio Commentary for THE PHANTOM SPEAKS by Novelist and Critic Tim Lucas
  • NEW Audio Commentary for THE CATMAN OF PARIS by Film Historians David Del Valle and Miles Hunter
  • NEW Audio Commentary for VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES by Historians David Del Valle and Miles Hunter
  • Audio Commentary for VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES by Novelist and Critic Tim Lucas
  • Sidebar on THE LADY AND THE MONSTER On-Camera with Tim Lucas and Steven Bissette
  • Optional English Subtitles
Publish Date : 2024-04-23

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