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Philo Vance Collection [The Canary Murder Case / The Greene Murder Case / The Benson Murder Case] (Blu-ray)

Available Date : 05/21/2024
Release Year : 1929-1930
Running Time : 213
UPC : 738329266516
Country : U.S.
Language: English

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Based on S.S. Van Dine’s bestselling novels, these classic Pre-Code murder-mysteries showcase the case-cracking prowess of the debonair detective Philo Vance, as portrayed by cinema’s icon of gentlemanly sleuthing, William Powell (The Thin Man, Take One False Step). THE CANARY MURDER CASE (1929) – Who silenced The Canary? A scheming showgirl known as The Canary turns up dead, and so does the lone witness to the killing. Only Philo Vance stands a chance at cracking this case. Directed by Malcolm St. Clair (A Woman of the World); co-starring screen great Jean Arthur (Easy Living) and the legendary Louise Brooks (Beggars of Life) as the conniving Canary. THE GREENE MURDER CASE (1929) – Members of the wealthy but loathsome Greene family gather at a spooky old castle to establish the terms of a will, only to be mysteriously murdered one-by-one. Philo Vance scrutinizes the clues and suspects. Directed by Frank Tuttle (This Gun for Hire); co-starring the dazzling Jean Arthur (A Foreign Affair) and Florence Eldridge (An Act of Murder). THE BENSON MURDER CASE (1930) – When a ruthless, crooked stockbroker croaks at his luxurious country estate, Philo Vance just so happens to be there to investigate. Directed by Frank Tuttle (Lucky Jordan); co-starring acting ace Paul Lukas (By Candlelight) with William “Stage” Boyd (The Locked Door) and one of Powell’s Thin Man suspects, Natalie Moorhead (Private Detective 62).

Product Extras :

  • 2K Restoration of THE BENSON MURDER CASE
  • NEW Audio Commentaries for THE CANARY MURDER CASE and THE GREENE MURDER CASE by Novelist/Critic Kim Newman and Writer/Journalist Barry Forshaw
  • NEW Audio Commentary for THE BENSON MURDER CASE by Professor and Film Scholar Jason A. Ney
  • Optional English Subtitles
Publish Date : 2024-04-23
One midnight in the 1970s exhausted I turned on the television without knowing what was on.
In an instant I went from barely able to keep my eyes open to wide awake.
That was the first time I saw William Powell in THE THIN MAN.
Philo Vance is not Nick Charles.
Nonetheless these films are great fun.
I found all the commentaries rewarding.–Reg Hartt

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