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In the 1960s I began screening motion pictures from my private collection publicly at the request of people who wanted to see them as we couldn’t then.

In 1968 inspired by the student riots in Paris in support of Henri Langlois and The Paris Cinematheque I decided to do in Toronto what Langlois was doing in Paris.

Over the years since I have done my programs in many venues most of which did not value the work I was doing.

It is a great mistake to imagine that anyone other than the people who have been doing remarkable work at The Revue can take over and run this cinema.

Not only that anyone who attempts to is going to earn the wrath of the community at large.

Their energy, enthusiasm, knowledge of cinema, passion for the work they are doing is vital to the ongoing success of this cinema.

In 1992 after experiencing just this sort of treatment from the venue I was then using I invited the audience to come to my home (just down the street).

“We like this,” said the people who walked in.

I said, “Good. This is where it will be.”

That was the birth of my CineForum.

I suggest that the people now so disastrously affected follow my example.

Cecil Taylor said, “The key to success in the arts is to find some small place in your own city where you can present your work without interference. Do that and the whole world comes to your door.” I had found my small space.

As a result of this action THE REVUE will die.

The only thing that can possibly save it is AN ABJECT APOLOGY FROM THE LANDLORD exemplified by a sincere willingness to work with the people he is now removing. –Reg Hartt , .

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