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In THE BIBLE God says, “If you see wrong being done and do nothing I will punish the wrong doer but you I will kill.”

In PSALM 101 I read, “He who secretly slanders his neighbour I will destroy utterly.”

In 2000 I watched a man who once lived here who now runs a street poster business as he posted an anonymous 2 and one half page attack on myself.

I took it down, brought it home and opened a file.

That file is now full to the brim.

I am not the only person he has secretly slandered.

Oliver Moore called in 2012 when it seemed every available place a poster could be posted was covered with a flyer designed attacking myself.

Moore was new to Toronto from England.

He said, “I know this is bogus. I want to do a story on it. You can trust me.”

In most cases trusting a journalist is like trusting Satan.

Most but not all.

I said, “Only if you include the other people who have been and are being attacked otherwise people will say this is a feud.”

He agreed.

THE GLOBE is keeping that story up:

That has not stopped less responsible journalists from saying this is a feud.

Last week I found new anonymous messages meant to incite hatred upon me scrawled on street flyers I had posted.

The people doing this masquerade as Christians.

He fires off anonymous emails based on Mormon teachings mixed with Christian. He posts anonymous flyers targeting me mixed with the same.

He posts copies of awards he has received from MPPs and THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY.

Here, from the Jewish Bible (not the Christian or The Mormon) is what GOD has to say:

Psalm 101

Complete Jewish Bible

101 (0) A psalm of David:

(1) I am singing of grace and justice;
I am singing to you, Adonai.
I will follow the path of integrity;
when will you come to me?
I will run my life with a sincere heart
inside my own house.
I will not allow before my eyes
any shameful thing.
I hate those who act crookedly;
what they do does not attract me.
Deviousness will depart from me;
I will not tolerate evil.
If someone slanders another in secret,
I will cut him off.
Haughty eyes and proud hearts
I cannot abide.

I look to the faithful of the land,
so that they can be my companions;
those who live lives of integrity
can be servants of mine.
No deceitful person can live in my house;
no liar can be my advisor.
Every morning I will destroy
all the wicked of the land,

cutting off all evildoers
from the city of Adonai.

We live in an hour in which hate seems to be riding triumphant.

The key word is “seems.”

Henry Miller, in AN OPEN LETTER TO SURREALISTS EVERYWHERE, wrote, “When a man is truly creative he works single-handed and he wants no help. A man acting alone, on faith, can accomplish what trained armies are incapable of doing.”

This is true.

Earlier on that essay Miller writes, “…When at last each man realizes that nothing is to be expected from God, or society, or friends, or benevolent tyrants, or democratic governments, or saints, or saviours, or even that holiest of holies, education, when each man realizes that he must work with his own hands to save himself, and that we need expect no mercy, perhaps then…Perhaps! Even then, seeing what manner of men we are, I doubt. The point is that we are doomed…No God is coming to save us. No system of government, no belief will provide us with that liberty and justice
which men whistle for with the death-rattle….What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their inability to act according to their beliefs. The hero is he who raises himself above the crowd…”

Miller is right, of course. The people in charge will do nothing.

I have had however the very best teachers.

One of those teachers was Jane Jacobs who was no stranger to standing up alone against corruption in high places.

Her kids tell me, “Our mother loved you.”

I reply, “I love your mother.”

As was long ago observed, the mills of the gods grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.

We are about to see a display of wrath that will make everything thing previously done seem mild.

Nonetheless, be of good cheer.

The hour is here.–Reg Hartt 2024–07–07.



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