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Forgiveness of debts: You’re a parent. Your kid gets into debt. You bail the kid out. The kid gets into debt again. Again you bail your kid out. Now again your kid gets into debt. Now a third time you bail your kid out. This goes on.
Then you die.
All that fortune you carefully built up is now your kid’s.
Within a year, having never been forced to learn responsibility your kid has gone through everything s/he inherited from you.
Happens all the time, that orgy of spending that comes after receiving an inheritance. Why? Because in all that time your kid was never taught the hard way how to take care of themself.
My parents gave me nothing but love.
My dad one day said to me, “I’m sorry I never helped you the way other fathers helped their sons.”
By that time I had seen what had become of those sons I envied because their fathers gave them the support my father never gave me. I was only 24 when I returned to the town where I grew up. I saw those fellows I had envied. The first strong wind that came along had knocked the wind out of them. They all told me how unfair life is.
I said to my dad, “You gave me something better than those fathers gave their sons.”
He said, “What was that?” I said, “The gift of self reliance.”
I don’t want someone else paying the price for me. I’ll shoulder that myself. Thank you very much though for the offer. If you can bear it I can bear it.
God created us to be eternal. Death entered the world when Adam and Eve missed the mark (the word “sin” is an archery terms which means “to miss the mark.”).
Jesus (Yeshua, if you will) died the most hideous and ignoble death to remind us all high and low that death has no power over us.
People kind of forget the message while praising the messenger. The message is what is important.
We are the eyes, ears and hands of God.
We, with our small means, are to feed multitudes.
This is how I witness.

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