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The historical Jesus was a dirt poor tradesman from the boonies of Galilee. Thomas Cahill, in THE DESIRE OF THE EVERLASTING HILLS, wonderfully calls it, “Buttfuck Galilee.”
Galileans had an accent that gave them away. Peter was recognized by that accent after he denied Jesus three times. What was that accent? Galileans dropped their aitches. Jesus so infuriated the academics (priests) and scholars (scribes) of his day that they broke every law in the book to destroy him. Most people imagine Jesus based on how they imagine him to be or based on the various actors they have seen portray him. Those depictions fall short of the mark. Your Jesus probably falls short of the mark. I know mine did. Once I began to see the man he really was so many things became clear. He was am ha’aretz. What’s that?
“The Talmud applies “the people of Land” to uneducated Jews, who were deemed likely to be negligent in their observance of the commandments due to their ignorance, and the term combines the meanings of “rustic” with those of “boorish, uncivilized, ignorant”.[6][7][8]
“In antiquity (Hasmonean to the Roman era, 140 BCE–70 CE), the am ha’aretz were the uneducated rustic population of Judea, as opposed to the learned factions of the Pharisees or Sadducees.
“The am ha’aretz were of two types, the am ha’aretz le-mitzvot, Jews disparaged for not scrupulously observing the commandments, and the am ha’aretz la-Torah, those stigmatized as ignoramuses for not having studied the Torah at all.[9]
“The am ha’aretz are denounced in a very late and exceptional passage in Talmud Bavli Pesahim 49, where they are contrasted with the chachamim (“wise”) and talmidei chachamim (“wise students”, i.e. scholars of the Talmud). The text contains the rabbinical teaching that no man should marry the daughter of an am ha’aretz because if he should die or be exiled, his sons will then also be ammei ha’aretz (see Jewish matrilineality). A man should rather sell all his possessions in order to afford marriage to a daughter of a talmid chacham. Marriage of a talmid chacham to a daughter of an am ha’aretz is compared to the crossbreeding of grapevine with wild wine, which is “unseemly and disagreeable”.[10] “”
Now for those who say, “I have Jesus in my heart” is this the Jesus you have in your heart? If it isn’t what you have is the fruit of self deception.

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