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A CineForum special Presentation: I first saw David Rolfe’s film, THE SILENT WITNESS in 1981.
Until that moment I had never heard of the Turin Shroud.
I just watched the documentary, EXTINCTION: The Facts (2021) . If that does not give you pause for thought and a determination to do better I do not know what will.
We are in rough times that are going to get rougher. Rough as they get they will be nothing compared to what Jesus endured.
For those who say this is a fake, it isn’t. We’ve already heard from you. That won’t stop you, of course, but there is no need to reply to your comments.
The TV series QUINCY was based on Forensic Examiner Robert Bucklin. His autopsy of the man on the Shroud is a must see for all save those who by nature must not. .
Leave religion at the door. Think of the science: .
I bought my authorized replica of the Turin Shroud from Barrie Schwortz. Raised as an orthodox Jew Barrie was certain he was the wrong person to ask to photo-document the Turin Shroud. He wasn’t. Shroud of Turin Retreat~Barrie Schwortz Talk 1: 40 Years of Shroud Science, A Personal Perspective:
A Scientific View of the Shroud of Turin:  .
“Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider. Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested: that is, some books are to be read only in parts, others to be read, but not curiously, and some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attention.”—Francis Bacon

What are the facts about Calvary (Golgotha, the hill of the skull)

  1. It was/is said it was called the hill of the skull because it looked like a skull.
  2. It was said Adam’s skull, the rib out of which Eve was created and the skeletons of both Adam and Eve as well as the skull of Goliath was/is buried there.
  3. It is said Golgotha was the hill upon which Abraham was called to sacrifice Isaac who carried the wood of the sacrifice up the hill as Jesus carried the wood of the cross.
  4. It was said the blood of Jesus flowed down into the earth and anointed the skull of Adam.
  5. It was said that Eve was told her seed would crush the head of the serpent which Jesus did.

The above are the historical facts. I am not saying you have to believe them.

“There is a lot going on during Christ’s Crucifixion just beneath the surface. You know that Christ is crucified on Golgotha, the Place of the Skull. But who’s skull is it? Also, why was Christ crucified at this particular spot? “

“Isaac carries the wood for the altar up the same hill that Jesus, almost 2000 years later, carries the wood of the cross.”

“From earliest Christian times Calvary was believed to be the site of the tomb of Adam, suggesting that the name Golgotha referred to the place of Adam’s skull. Or perhaps the name derived from the skull of the giant Goliath, which according to scripture David took to Jerusalem (1 Sam 17:54).”

“Jesus strikes Satan on the head, (of which the skull is the remnant of a dead recipient of that fatal blow) as the Victor over the chief enemy of His people (cf. Judges 4:21; Judith 13:18 etc.); and Satan in the process injures the heel which defeats him, that is, of this Seed (Jesus) of the prophesied woman, by the nail through His two feet on the Cross. This Seed refers primarily to Jesus Christ (Revelation 12:5), but also to those who confess Christ and keep the commandments of God (Revelation 12:17; cf. John 19:26-27; Romans 16:20).”

“That the name is due to an ancient pre-Christian tradition that the skull of Adam was found there. The first mention of this is by Origen (185-253 AD), who himself lived in Jerusalem 20 years. He writes: ‘I have received a tradition to the effect that the body of Adam, the first man, was buried upon the spot where Christ was crucified,’ etc. This tradition was afterward referred to by Athanasius, Epiphanius, Basil of Caesarea, Chrysostom and other later writers. The tomb and skull of Adam, still pointed out in an excavated chamber below the traditional Calvary, marks the survival of this tradition on the spot. This is by far the most ancient explanation of the name Golgotha and, in spite of the absurdity of the original tradition about Adam, is probably the true one.”

“Legend records that Adam was buried on the site of Golgotha (Hebrew; Greek = Calvary = [Adam’s] Skull).”


“The traditional site [of Calvary] is within the Church of the Sepulchre . . . . These traditions can be traced back as far as the fourth century, when the Bordeaux pilgrim indicated the spot. Eusebius informs us that the Emperor Constantine removed an accumulation of earth and rubbish from the Holy Sepulchre and Golgotha, and built a church over them. The story of Eusebius is repeated by subsequent writers. Jerome mentions a tradition to the effect that Adam was buried in Golgotha, and that this name was given to the place because the skull of Adam was there preserved. A later tradition affirms that the blood of Christ flowed down through the rent rock, and falling upon the head of Adam restored him to life. The first to call in question the authenticity of the traditional site was Korte, a German, in 1738. He was followed by Clarke, Robinson, Tobler, and others; while Kraft, Williams, and many others, affirm the truth of the tradition. (Source: Jerusalem, Bethany, and Bethlehem, pp. 165-166.)”

“According to Jerome, in his commentary on Matthew 27:33, someone explained “the place of Calvary” as being the place where Adam was buried; and that it was so called because the skull of the first man was buried there. A pleasing interpretation indeed, and one suited to catch the ear of the people, but, still, not the true one. … [For] Adam was buried close by Hebron and Arbe, as we read in the book of Jesus Ben Nave.

“In the Gospels we read that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins at a place called “Golgotha.”


“And they came to the place that is called Golgotha, which is the place of skull.” (Matthew 27:33)


“So Golgotha is the “place of the skull.” But if you’ve ever studied Hebrew, you may have realized a difficulty with the Bible’s claim. Golgotha doesn’t mean anything close to “skull” in Hebrew, Aramaic, or any other language. It’s a big problem.


“So we have to solve this puzzle. When we do solve it, you’re going to be amazed.


“Let’s lay out the facts:”

“Man was created on the Sixth Day and on the Sixth Day he was redeemed. Adam stretched out his hand to a tree to sin, Jesus Christ Our Lord stretched out His hands on a Tree to atone. There is a long tradition that our first father Adam was buried in Golgotha – the Evangelists call it the place of the skull bearing witness to this. It is also the spot where Abraham was called to sacrifice his son and the high priest Melchizedech made an offering of bread and wine. There is a chapel of Adam near the Holy Sepulchre and directly under Calvary to this day; the chapel depicts that the ground was cracked by the earthquake that the blood of Christ may fall upon the head of our first father Adam, immediately regenerating him and us from the effects of the fall. How marvelous are the ways of divine Providence! and”

“For some strange reason the Christian Church of the first few centuries after the Messiah held a location on the Mount of Olives in special regard. Christians visiting Jerusalem always gravitated to this site. Also, when the Jewish authorities of the early Islamic period returned to Jerusalem, they went directly to the Mount of Olives. What was it that drew these diverse peoples to this spot? What about the strange tradition of Adam’s skull being associated with this mountain to the east of Jerusalem?”

BAT43886 The Crucifixion, 1442 (fresco) by Angelico, Fra (Guido di Pietro) (c.1387-1455)
Museo di San Marco dell’Angelico, Florence, Italy
Italian, out of copyright


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